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We are always buying quality single items, entire collections, & dealer inventories. 

Why sell to us?

Reasons for selling directly to us rather than consigning your items to an auction:

Auctioneers charge a 10-15%+ buyers premium & charge you a 25-35% commission. Majority of people that go to auctions are looking to resell the items (most of the people that travel around to various auctions are very cheap). At best, your items will sell for 75% of what they are worth. After the buyers premium & commission, you will only get 25% - 40% of what your items are worth - if you are lucky. Also, it may take 6 months to a year for you to get paid for your items once you consign them.

You will get more for your items if you sell them to us. We do not take items on consignment, so you will be paid for your items right away. You are not obligated to sell anything to us when you bring your items in for a quote - you don't have that option via the auction setting.  We also work on very small margins on bullion related items


We are located at 305 Hummel Avenue in Lemoyne, PA.  (Corner of 3rd & Hummel at the traffic liglht).  Parking is on the street and in the back of the building. 


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Lemoyne Coin & Collectibles

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